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Kelvin Chen Teapot

This goods is shop made to help people like kelvin chen ( who loves his tea) find the perfect tea pot for their home. This the perfect place to find a little bit of everything, from éclairs to wands. We also offer a variety of tea pots to choose from, so you can find the one that fits your needs.

#514 Kelvin Chen Enamel Holiday Teapot
Vintage Kelvin Chen Dragonfly mini teapot
#25 Kelvin Chen Enamel Teapot

#25 Kelvin Chen Enamel Teapot

By Kelvin Chen

USD $17.47

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This kelvin chen dragonfly teapot is a great addition to any teapot. It is small enough that it can be used for small batches of tea, and it's mini size makes it perfect for small gardens. This teapot also functions as a pour spout, so you can easily pour your tea into your mouth.
this amazing kelvin chen enamel teapot is perfect for any teasession. With its 25 kelvin temperature control, this teapot is sure to make your tea taste just as you want it to.
this kelvin chen teapot is made of enameled copper and is hand painted in a small, round body. It has a small flower teapot on the front side and a large flower teapot on the back side. The front teapot is filled with delicate macarthur park tea leaves while the back teapot is filled with large, shiny macarthur park tea leaves. Both of which are beautiful and inactivated. The wine blue color of the enamel is beautiful and addition to any setting this teapot will be a beautiful addition.